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Conzep Auktionen GmbH focuses on classic services in and around insolvency proceedings and liquidations.

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Dipl.-Ing. Ok. (TU) Olaf Zepke Managing Director

Conzep Auktionen GmbH

As a service provider, we are competent companions and advisors for insolvency administrators, banks, leasing companies and other entitled parties in the handling of insolvencies and liquidations. We prepare expert reports of the existing assets.

Conzep Auktionen GmbH advises on renovation and exploitation strategies and carries out the disposal of assets. Always with the aim of the greatest possible transparency and the best possible exploitation proceeds, online and face-to-face auctions, tenders and individual exploitation measures serve as the means for this.

Recycling is sustainable! Assets, regardless of their type, are put to new use through recycling and thus remain in the economic cycle. The continued use of used assets conserves resources and makes a sustainable contribution to reducing environmental pollution.

Over 25 years in the industry
make us a competent partner

We have gained valuable experience in thousands of insolvency proceedings and liquidations
into our activities for the benefit of our clients, customers, creditors and debtors.


A valuation report is required not only in insolvency proceedings, but also for various other reasons, such as renovations, security assessments, succession planning or legal disputes.

Our report is based on precise recording of the object being assessed and a meaningful description of its condition, digitally and with images. We research any foreign law and assign them in the report.

The assessment is the most time-consuming part. We determine precise time values through internet research, contacts with manufacturers and proven valuation formulas. Our experience and market understanding lead to the desired results, on which we proudly put our expert stamp.

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Olaf Zepke

Executive Partner

Tel.: +49 4435 9716000

Dipl.-Ing. Ok. (TU)

BDSF certified expert for machines and mechanical systems


Astrid Wenzel


Tel.: +49 4435 9716000

First point of contact for customers and clients on the topics of inventories, valuations, preparation of reports, auction preparations, foreign processing and billing issues

Steffen Rohlfs

Process Manager

Tel.: +49 4435 9716000

Master Precision Mechanic

Inventory, valuation, processing of procedures, disinvestment

Juergen Woelk

procedural processing,
Auction preparation and follow-up

Tel.: +49 4435 9716000

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quality and privacy

Our goal at Conzep Auktionen GmbH is to provide a high quality and error-free service for the benefit of everyone involved. We always keep up with the latest technology and create a pleasant working environment. Our company is certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015 and has successfully completed all external audits.

We attach great importance to data security and meet the requirements of the GDPR. By digitizing old files and digitally processing new data sets with triple security, we ensure both protection and immediate access to data.

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Conzep Auktionen GmbH
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26197 Großenkneten


Phone: 04435 - 97 16 000
Fax: 04435 - 97 16 001


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